Mailbag: It's in your hands!

Mailbag: It's in your hands!


Dr. Eby (Mailbag, Nov. 25) ably makes the logical argument for all to have affordable access to health care. The majority of our MDs and nurses agree with that.

There's a moral case to be made also. We voters have the power in our hands to guarantee every man, woman and child has health care, regardless of ability to pay. Failure to do so makes us like the pious fakes in the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10).

We see many neighbors (whom we are supposed to love) dying because they can't afford expensive care, insurance or medicines. (There are 51 million people in the U. S. without health insurance). We could correct that situation, but we don't. Instead, we let the care-for-profit system pull $6 billion per year in profits out of health care cost.

HMOs, whose stock is traded on the exchanges, are legally required to maximize profits above any other consideration! Their care is not your care. This is morally inexcusable, and should be remedied politically with some form of universal care. 

John Goodwin, PhD



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