The Coordinated Care Organizations that have been administrating health care for the Medicaid population in Oregon for more than six years have shown that a single-payer plan works in making health care more accessible, higher quality and more economical than the usual fee for service that most of us have through Medicare, other insurance or private pay. It is time to move on to universal single-payer state-administered but privately delivered health care for all.

Senate Bill 770, now with the Ways and Means Committee in the Oregon legislature, is a step in that direction. It establishes a Universal Health Care Commission charged with recommending to the Legislative Assembly a design of Health Care for All Oregon Plan, administered by the Health Care for All Oregon Board to provide publicly funded, equitable, affordable, comprehensive and high-quality health care to all Oregon residents.

A prior legislature commission study by the Rand Corporation looked at five different options for delivery of universal health care in Oregon and single payer was deemed the most economical.

If you would like to see the action of SB 770 move forward, write to Representative Dan Rayfield from Corvallis, co-chair of the Ways and Means Committee, 900 Court St. NE, H-375, Salem, OR 97301, or call 503-986-1416 and urge that they move it forward to a vote of the full Senate.

Lawrence S. Eby MD

Albany (May 26)

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