As we approach the opportunity to vote for universal health care in Oregon, you can rest assured that the medical insurance industry will use every means possible to prevent us from having it. Mostly they will try to convince us, the taxpayers, that it will cost more. Some things are certain: We, the taxpayers, pay it all. There is no other source. The medical insurance industry has never cured any disease or fixed any injury. We pay the actual medical cost and the entire cost of the insurance industry. This includes buildings or rent, property taxes, all office, paper shuffling, all employees, and last but not least ... the profit they make. (The reason they exist).

The companies that pay for their employees' health care insurance will save a bunch with us taking it over, but with appropriate rule changes, we will save a lot. The whole plan is to not have to buy insurance. We don't want to "put them out of business," we just won't need to buy it anymore. It's the free market, you know. Don't be scammed.

Socialism! they scream. You bet! Just like public schools and the Fire Department!

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Ed Hemmingson

Albany (Nov. 10)

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