I also read the letter by Matthew Goss and the one by John Penrod and completely agree with them, which in turn says I completely disagree with Bill Halsey. I wonder if Hillary had won the election would we even be having this conversation about the Electoral College? I doubt it.

I was curious about the word rabble; I've always heard the term rabble-rouser, so here goes, Rabble: a disorderly crowd, a mob. Ordinary people, especially when regarded as socially inferior or uncouth. Lower class, common. A crowd of noisy people who seem likely to cause trouble. Could it be, because we disagree with the social Democrats' liberal agenda, that we "rural folks" are just trying to cause trouble?

Yes most of us are just ordinary people, maybe even regarded as socially inferior, and common, and sometimes noisy, but we know and appreciate this constitutional republic. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "It's a republic, ma'am - if you can keep it."

Yes, we do have a noble God, and if you feel that gives us a "sense of superiority," you are wrong; but having a noble God, all-powerful, all-knowing, gives us "rural rabble" assurance and comfort, that may be hard for others to understand.

Shirley Drum

Lebanon (May 22)

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