In the Thursday, Aug. 15 edition of this newspaper, James Morton wrote, "you can ban all guns and get them off the street and you will still have people killing other people with knives or rocks or whatever they can find that they think will do the best job." I agree.

If one looks at the recent mass murders in El Paso, Dayton, Las Vegas and on and unfortunately on, it is safe to say, the slaughter of American citizens would not have occurred with knives or rocks.

As a 69-year-old U.S. Marine Corp combat veteran who served in Vietnam, I have seen the carnage these rapid-fire high-capacity weapons of war can inflict. They have no place on the streets in America and are making our society less civilized every day they are sold. I'll take my chances with knives and rocks.

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Larry Willett

Sweet Home (Aug. 20)

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