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My spouse and I recently took a trip overseas. For documentation purposes we had our passports in our possession. In every country we visited we were required to show our passports and occasionally answer questions asked by that country's border security personnel.

In one country, not only were we required to have passports but also a pre-travel visa, and we completed yet a third form similar to the visa which was collected from us upon our departure from that country's border personnel. In each case we respected the right of every government to require these documents of us prior to entering their country and happily produced them.

Our port of entry back into the United States was San Francisco. You know, California. Home of politicians Pelosi and Schiff, advocates of open borders and no documentation. Imagine our shock when we discovered we would have to be processed thru Customs and Immigration prior to legally re-entering this country.

Apparently Nancy and Adam are only advocating for open borders and no documentation for illegal aliens, not American citizens. How hypocritical is that?

Larry Ciaffoni

Albany (Dec. 27)

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