Keep funding the Albany Carnegie Library. It would be a travesty to shut out the public from using and enjoying such a generous and beautiful gift from previous generations. In 1904, the idea of establishing a library in Albany was presented to the City Council by citizen petition. The council had the wisdom and courage to propose a special election to raise taxes for the establishment and maintenance of a building to house a common library system. On July 5, 1904 Albany citizens voted 235 to 45 to approve the new tax. Andrew Carnegie, as he did in many American cities, donated to the effort and gave a total of $12,500. The Albany Carnegie Library opened on March 1, 1906.

We owe a great deal to the foresight and generosity of previous Albanians. They not only erected a building, they started a public service that has continued for over a century. Today, 113 years after establishment, the Carnegie continues to house services for all our citizens in a space that is open to everyone. It is a resource for all, a cultural bequest to be treasured and passed forward to further generations.

Now we have two libraries in Albany, one large modern one and one smaller, better suited to the Monteith Historic District. Both add value to our city. Both are investments well worth the cost. Value the history, respect the wisdom of community held resources, and uphold the legacy left to us. Fund the Carnegie.

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Jim Hogan

Albany (Aug. 23)

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