In reply to Professor Mukatis' recent letter, supporting cap and trade:

Something I have noticed about the push for cap and trade is those who say we are killing the planet show no leadership in trying to stop climate change. You folks who believe the planet is in dire distress sure don't change your lifestyle to prove you really believe it. There are many steps you could take if you honestly believe we could change the climate but it looks more and more like a power grab by crisis than it does a real problem.

Our state government and local governments prove what I am saying because they use one heck of a lot of fuel. Check out the state motor pool and check the miles they drive and you will find they love fossil fuel. Most of their work can be done from home on the computer so why the big motor pool?

Again my point is you ask folks to sacrifice without the elite being willing to do the same. Are the elite flying jets to meetings they could have on computers? Is your house completely solar- or wind-powered? Do you ride a bike to work every day rain or shine?

Leadership doesn't come from what you say but what you do to show you truly believe in your cause. Maybe it would be better to tell the world what you are doing to stop climate change rather than tell us what we need to do.

James Farmer

Albany (June 30)

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