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Common-sense gun control laws? I'll grant, they are getting pretty common, but they are anything but sensible.

Consider: In the last couple of years 98 percent of all mass shootings have occurred in "gun free zones." A study was conducted 10 years after California's first "background check" law was enacted. Results? Background checks have no impact on gun violence. These so called "red flag laws" not only violate the Second Amendment, they trample your right to due process and deny the presumption of innocence and protections against unreasonable search and seizure. These are the very cornerstones of a free democracy. And yes, Oregon has one.

One of the Founding Fathers said, "Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither." Those who think they can cure society's ills by legislating against hardware and denying the protections of the rule of law for those they disagree with doom us all. And, they are ineffective at saving lives.

Frank W. Lathen

Lebanon (Jan. 5)

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