I am terribly concerned about the climate crisis and increasing carbon dioxide emissions caused by burning fossil fuels. Federal energy policies, perpetuating and exacerbating greenhouse gas effects, are subsidized by American taxpayers at around $15 billion a year.

We urgently need changes to U.S. energy policies: eliminate coal, oil, and gas; convert to solar and wind now. We must invest in a green economy which would create 24 million new jobs globally by 2030.

Our children and grandchildren deserve a future; if we do nothing to stop accelerating temperatures, they will inherit an uninhabitable planet. Our current energy dependencies are resulting in destruction of the earth's viability, but filling the pocketbooks of predatory fossil fuel companies. Responsibility for hotter temperatures and rising sea levels is directly attributed to 90 private, majority state-owned and national companies. This is greed before good.

Mandy Cole

Brownsville (June 4)

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