So i just read an article published today (Nov. 5) titled "Urgent Call to Action."

The article was spearheaded by an ecologist from the Oregon State University College of Forestry named Bill Ripple.

The article stokes fear about our imminent destruction based on climate change. But do not fear. This climate of today is no different than many times in the past. Global temperatures are not rising, sea levels are not rising. the Antarctic glacier is growing along with dozens of other glaciers around the world.

If the sea level was rising why did Barack Obama recently buy a $15 million home on Martha's Vineyard just a little above sea level?

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And as far as carbon dioxide levels go, have no fear; we are nowhere close to harmful levels. I had a botany professor named Fred Ricksen at OSU and he taught me that carbon dioxide is essential for plant growth. Plants take in carbon dioxide and go through a process of photosynthesis to make food for the plant and give off oxygen. Since NASA started taking satellite photos of the Earth 30 years ago, it has been determined that during that time carbon dioxide levels have increased by 15% and the greenness of the Earth has increased by the same amount. If we took carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere everything would die! Do not believe the climate hoax! Do some research! Find the truth! The climate change hoax is being used by globalists, socialists and the United Nations to bring forth the new world order. The United States of America would no longer exist.

Matthew Goss

Lebanon (Nov. 5)

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