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Obviously, I wasn’t clear when describing Trump’s “Gaza Plus” Mideast peace plan (Mailbag, Feb. 5).

Recent articles claim Trump/Kushner have no details. “Gaza Plus’ is detailed: move most Palestinians to Gaza or Sinai; crowd the rest into three towns (Jericho, Ramallah, Nablus); give Jews the land (90 percent). Saudi Arabia/Egypt consented.

Emboldened by this near-total win (and embassy move), Israel has intensified oppression of Palestinians. A few examples:

Settlers who firebombed a Palestinian family now threaten the 7-year-old survivor, terrifying his grandfather, who’s installed window bars trying to protect him. (These settlers threw a post-fire party, where they stabbed a photo of the incinerated baby.)

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher was billed $180 million in back taxes, their assets frozen.

Another Tamimi, 10-year-old Mahmoud, was shot in the head. 17-year-old Ahed remains in prison. A Gaza fisherman (18-year-old Ismael Sadeh) was killed, two others wounded. Two Khan Younis farmers were killed while farming their land near the border wall.

Colony-building has more than doubled (the third outpost in the past 18 months built on an old military base near Al-Aqabah, the village Israel has demolished some nine times).

An additional 120 dunums near Nablus have been stolen to expand the Adi Ad colony.

Israel closed the entire West Bank and Gaza for four days so Israeli Jews can celebrate Purim “without having to see a single Arab.” Tens of thousands of West Bank Palestinians can’t go to work; Gazans can’t get out for medical treatment.

“Gaza Plus” is Trump’s peace plan.

June Forsyth Kenagy

Albany(March 7)


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