I hope we've read the last about University of Southern California/Oregon State University defector Devon Williams! Williams is exactly where he should be, with the Oregon Ducks (Hodgepodge University).

How apropos! "Suitcase" could be printed on the back of his jersey! Devon would surely bolt back to the Golden State if it started paying to play. After all, he's doing what is "best for him."

Coach Cristobal let us know where he stands: "The only thing that's important that he's here." Obviously, integrity isn't very important if you can catch a pass! "A misunderstanding" (my backside!)

It's probably not right to have ill feelings toward a young man I don't know at all, but, oops, too late! Gee, it's easy to not like those guys.

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"All that glitters is not gold," Devon. Oh, wait it's the Ducks! There is gold, blue, black pink, yellow, purple, puce, beige and lots of glitter too! Or is it just "glitz?"

Thomas Mechals

Lebanon (Oct. 8)

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