Harry Mallory's letter (Mailbag, May 8) shows the downside to websites revenue being based on how many people open the web pages. Each time a page is opened, a fraction of a cent is credited to that web page, so the more people going to it, the more money it makes.

Unfortunately, the more outrageous the headlines and articles, the more people will open the page out of curiosity, if nothing else. In his case, though, he is mistaken in all of the things that he said.

First of all, Hillary Clinton did not break any law. A law was passed after she left office that all documents pertaining to the government must be shared to the government databases within 20 days of receipt (I think it was 20). Whoever is saying that she broke the law is feeding the frenzy.

Secondly, there is no deep state, regardless of what the conspiracy buffs think. James Comey didn't indict HRC because she didn't break a law.

Lastly, the IRS problem of checking the tax status and information of groups on the right? Well, they also did that with groups on the Left.

The evidence and information is out there and readily available, but some biased organizations and people who claim to be news sources ignore the rest of the information.

In other words, they lie by omission.

Rick Siegert

Lebanon (May 9)

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