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Mailbag: End the mass hysteria, lockdowns

Mailbag: End the mass hysteria, lockdowns


Lockdowns are causing excess deaths and unneeded suffering.

Mass quarantines were not recommended by several agencies, including the World Health Organization, yet are still being pushed as a supposed means of controlling SARS-COV-2. Several papers before 2020 stated that they should be removed from serious consideration due to the harm that they would do society. We are seeing the repercussions today. Lockdowns are harming Americans, especially Oregonians.

The Oregon Health Authority reported on Nov. 3 a total of 680 deaths from COVID-19 and 2,215 excess deaths compared to a five-year average.

That’s not even considering the other detrimental effects, such as child abuse not being reported because schools are closed, diseases and cancers not being detected due to hospitals’ restrictions, and rates of substance abuse increasing due to several workers being out of jobs and students not attending classes in their formative years.

These events are seen in other places with lockdowns. Decades of work in vaccination and nutrition programs in the developing world have been undone. The detrimental effects of this lockdown will be felt for years to come.

Several scientists, doctors and concerned citizens around the globe have signed the Great Barrington Declaration because they know mass quarantines have not worked in containing SARS-COV-2 — there is a huge rise in cases in Europe despite its early lockdowns — and the harm lockdowns cause will continue until they end. If science is real, do not ignore it. End the mass hysteria, end the lockdowns.

James Rainey



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