I have taken an added interest in our local judicial races because of the importance of retaining Judge Fay Stetz-Waters as a Linn County Circuit Court judge. Judge Stetz-Waters' diverse work experience includes poverty law, administrative judging and working on the parole Board. This experience gives her the ability to understand the law and the people she serves. Her career is proof that she is not afraid of the work it takes to be a judge. She will continue to be impartial in the courtroom with the professionals who go before her.

Judge Stetz-Waters brings hard work and dedication to the Linn County bench. She understands the struggles families face during difficult times. She addresses their cases with compassion and respect. As a Marine Corps veteran, Judge Stetz-Waters realizes all must face consequences for their criminal actions, but also realizes not all actions require jail time. Judge Stetz-Waters will continue to judge each person on the facts and the merits and, when appropriate, order treatment or community service instead of jail time. This saves the Linn County voters dollars and creates a healthier community.

One should also be impressed by her win in the Bar Preference Poll! This means local lawyers want her to be their judge as they understand the work that needs to be done! All of issues are important to me because I am a business professional, life-long Albany resident, mother, and grandmother.

I encourage you to vote to retain Judge Fay Stetz-Waters.

Heidi Strickland

Albany (Oct. 19)

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