I oppose the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact which the Oregon Legislature and Gov. Kate Brown adopted.

This law eliminates the Electoral College in presidential elections.

The Electoral College has been shown to eliminate fraud, as this problem would be limited to individual states, thus eliminating the need for a national recount. Congress would have an easier time resolving conflicts. It also requires political parties to form broad coalitions in the heavier populated regions of the country, instead of just having a super-majority in one or two regions. Oregon has a problem with this, in that Eugene and Portland dominate Oregon politics.

I fear that our governor and legislators are unfamiliar with the Federalist Papers which explain the reasoning behind the founders' decision to establish an Electoral College for presidential elections. I also fear that they have forgotten the problems in the 1876, 1888, and 1892 elections which were resolved by the Electoral College.

I feel that our legislators and governor with this and the new taxes they have established, are not working for Oregonians' interests. I think it is time to recall Gov. Brown, and many of our state legislators.

Erin Bruce Thurber

Sweet Home (June 22)

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