Bill Halsey (Editor's Mailbag, May 21 Democrat-Herald) has views against the Electoral College, and apparently likes the idea of a few high population states picking the president with their giant big city votes that overwhelm the votes in the less populated states.

That would force big city views onto every American, as that is what would occur without the Electoral College. Eight or 10 high population states would be able to pick a president, outweighing votes across the other 80% of the country.

The Founding Fathers' efforts were toward balance, not giving any group excessive power over another.

Europe once had feudal kingdoms who ruled all the peasants outside the walls, taking their products and fruits of their labor, dictating every aspect of their lives. A reason to revolt, you see.

A lot like Portland liberals in the Legislature ruling the entire state according to their big city ideas. They seem to feel they must dictate every aspect of our lives, crush us with their endless controls and rules. Tax, tax, tax, regulate everything...

That is not freedom, folks. Being left the hell alone is freedom.

Gary Hartman

Lebanon (May 21)

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