The Oregon Legislature has passed a bill to sidestep the Electoral College. What a naive idea if you really think about it.

Basically Oregon is a good example of how this would work on a larger scale for the entire United States.

Right now, legislators from the large population cities and counties of Oregon rule the whole state, because Multnomah, Lane and Marion counties have the huge city populations that elect those legislators.

Their metropolitan views seldom match to rural views. Portland, with its huge problems, is not a good example of where the rest of us want to go.

Rural counties' wishes are mostly ignored, and the big city views prevail, in bills introduced or being considered. Anything the big city legislators don't care for is simply ignored.

Good examples are the proposed gasoline taxes by Democrats, (which will be a disaster to rural working folks who drive long distances to work), the recent bill enacted on rental management rules, the anti-gun bills, and the blocking of local county control over cougar population.

Oregonians had better think carefully on sidestepping the Electoral College. The forefathers wanted a balance and freedom, not massive high population blight running every aspect of our lives.

Gary Hartman

Lebanon (June 8)

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