Mailbag: Don't ignore facts about Israel

Mailbag: Don't ignore facts about Israel


Responding to my letter arguing that opposing Zionism isn’t antisemitic (Mailbag, Jan. 23), Lisa Shepard used a common tactic of Zionists: ignoring facts and changing the subject (Mailbag, Feb. 5).

Rather than respond to any of my assertions, she dismissed my argument that many Jews oppose Zionism by labeling Jewish Voice for Peace “a fringe group,” ignoring my reference to Miko Peled, son of an Israeli war hero and grandson of a signer of Israel’s Declaration of Independence. I could list many other examples of Jews opposed to Israeli apartheid and occupation, but it’s pointless if she doesn’t consider facts a necessary basis for discussion.

Since she advised reading a number of sources of opinion mirroring her own views, I suggest she read some of the fact-based literature based on Israeli sources. These include works of Peled, Israeli historian Ilan Pappe’, Ha'aretz contributor Gideon Levy, investigative reporter Max Blumenthal and my favorite, Rich Forer.

Forer is the author of "Breakthrough: Transforming Fear into Compassion." A onetime AIPAC member, Forer studied the history of the Israel-Palestine conflict using Israeli sources. He discovered that it has been consistently misrepresented by Zionists and the media.

This led to the revelation that his self-identity as a Jew had blinded him to his more fundamental identity as a human being who can judge Israeli policies without assuming that God is on its side regardless of the actions of its leaders. He had acquired the ability to view “the other” as human like himself.

Not surprisingly, he has become an ardent anti-Zionist.

Rick Staggenborg, MD



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