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Last Fridays political cartoon depicting students going into a school with the caption. “ I can’t tell, are they protecting us, or are they protecting their guns?”

To imply that they NRA would care more about guns than children lives is offensive. And because I am a lifelong member of the NRA, I am the NRA and so the left is trying to blame people like me. This seems to be common practice of the left, blame other people but not the ones who have really done wrong.

You might also be surprised to find that there are teachers willing to carry a concealed gun if they were allowed to. Think of the football coach who protected the children and paid for it with his life. Do you think he, if given the opportunity, would have liked to had a chance to protect those students.

Do you know that 92 percent of all murders happen in “gun free zones”? It is the left that has made these gun free zones into killing fields. Look up the Pearl River, MS, shooting. It was stopped by a principal who retrieved a gun from his vehicle.

Has anyone on your editorial board looked at the mass murders in the past several years and looked at their background? Well here is a refresher course for you: the Orlando shooter, Charleston Church shooter, Ft Hood shooter, Columbine shooters (all parents), Virginia Tech shooter, Connecticut school shooter, Congresswoman Giffords shooter. What do they all have in common? They are all registered Democrats! It looks like your editorial board has more in common than the NRA with these shooters.

Let’s have an intelligent discussion on the crime and quit trying to blame people who have no blame.

Steve Nofziger

Tangent (Feb. 26)

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