Mailbag: Don't be fooled by climate change hoax

Mailbag: Don't be fooled by climate change hoax

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i want to refer back again to "'Urgent Call to Action'" (Albany Democrat-Herald, Nov. 5):

In the article, OSU ecologist Bill Ripple attempts to instill fear into the reader that our world is ending shortly due to global warming if dramatic changes aren't implemented immediately.

Let me remind you that the global-warming hoax was started by the UN back in the mid-1980s when they warned that the polar ice would be gone in 10 years and wipe out coastal cities because of sea level rise. That did not happen! Then Al Gore said the same thing in 2006. It didn't happen! Now the likes of AOC, Bernie, Warren, etc., are saying the same thing.

What it boils down to is this is an attempt to develop the socialist New World Order, one-world government under the guise of environmentalism. i know this to be true because in the article from Bill Ripple, the socialist talking point "economic inequality" is mentioned.

You see, eliminating economic inequality is straight out of the socialist/communist playbook. Could you imagine if the government absolutely controlled how much money you could make? What would happen if the neurosurgeon had to make the same income as a gas station attendant? Or the janitor making the same as the organic chemist that developed a life-saving medication?

Our capitalist system encourages creativity and imagination, because if you study hard or develop a great idea you can make a lot of money.

Matthew Goss



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