I’m very disappointed in the Republican legislators. They walk out until two gun control bills are taken off the table. They tell their captors that they will not walk out again. But they do. They don’t like House Bill 2020, the climate change bill, negotiations getting nowhere, so they walk out again. One of their senators makes a threat to the state police. Vigilante groups profess their guns to have their back. The Democratic majority finally kills the bill for lack of numbers to pass. Do the Republicans come back to work? No, they wait for ransom to be paid, claiming they don’t trust the Democrats.

The victim is a bill that already passed the Senate. It would outlaw lustful, unethical bounty hunters from killing as many coyotes as they can in a contest while professing “scientific” population management.

Where was the condemnation by the Republicans for one of their own who acted like a punk teenager who can’t get their way and lashes out verbally against authority? Representative Shelly Boshart Davis disliked HB 2020 so much that she threw out the mantle of tyranny to rally her compatriots (in her legislative letter and Facebook posts).

After two ransom payouts, who is more tyrannical? Those kind of deals are usually made while the legislators are still on the job.

Is this a sign of the future in state legislation? I hope not.

And by the way, before you assume I’m just another liberal Democrat, I suggest you first make a visit to the county Elections Office.

Delores Porch

Albany (July 3)

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