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Letters from Bob Harris and Kenneth England (Mailbag, Nov. 10) appear to fault gun crime statistics and use of semiautomatic firearms, respectively.

Mr. Harris, do you wish statistics to override things that normal citizens wish to be left alone as a freedom because most people enjoy them safely?

Meanwhile, Mr. England points at the large proportion of mentally ill who advance into violence, and then suddenly blames "the greed of the gun industry and the myth of the Second Amendment."

What? How do mentally ill people not taking their meds have any link whatsoever toward calling a firearms company greedy or decrying the Second Amendment? How does selling a product that people want equate to greed? Research the Henry Firearm Company about their profit margin, Mr. England.

Does anyone other than gun owners understand there are piles of existing laws against misusing and/or control of firearm purchases? Luckily they don't prohibit breathing while shooting at a paper target.

Instead of constantly screaming about firearms, which are lawfully used by millions without harm to anyone, how about laws prohibiting murder and laws for more reporting of dangerous individuals by various agencies.

Oh, those exist already! Those killers and murderers just don't obey laws!

Gary Hartman

Lebanon (Nov. 10)

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