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Received my new bill with a $15 add-on. Interestingly, it was the smallest paper I have ever received.

When I moved to the valley and began the D-H I was surprised at the balance and information from a small-town paper. I talked to Hasso Hering a couple times and always came away the wiser. No B.S., just news: Holding both parties' feet to the fire.

Then the "Soul of the Valley" was fired, probably for political reasons, because he wasn't liberal enough. Then the new editor began pumping liberal claptrap into the paper and began the end of the D-H as a newspaper and began its run as a yellow liberal propaganda sheet.

I had coffee with Jeff once and tried to explain that Albany was a conservative enclave on the "Left Coast," but evidently it didn't stick. Today's paper was the last of a long line of Trump-slashing letters. The two were the worst. Only Ben Lazorti's quiet letter balanced it out (Mailbag, Jan. 23), particularly the last sentence: "We will have to look elsewhere."

John Penrod

Lebanon (Jan. 25)


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