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Donald Trump is fomenting a dangerous divide in this country. By using immigration as a fear tactic, he is capitalizing on the ignorance of his base and promoting the idea that “otherness” is dangerous. Never mind that “otherness” built this country. Never mind that many of the corporate, educational and entrepreneurial leaders of this country have names that are not of Anglo-Saxon origin. “We the People” are defined by the Constitution and not the political whim of an overreaching con-man who is intellectually and emotionally unfit to hold office.

I continue to be amazed at how easily Trump manages to manipulate a significant portion of our citizenry with hyperbole and outright lies. He is a master of distraction and self-promotion whose only real motivation for service is personal gain. Now that he has fired Sessions and appears on a course to either cripple or kill the Special Counsel’s investigation, Democrats need to ensure that after January they focus the House on countering Trump’s attempts to subvert justice. I hope they use their leverage to actually accomplish something for the people of this country by exposing Trump and his corrupt administration. If they squander this opportunity, then their tenure will be short, and they will simply write Trump’s campaign ads for 2020.

Democrats have a genuine chance to show that they stand for justice and progress. Don’t blow it.

Kenneth R. England

Albany (Nov. 7)

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