Harris is your typical Democrat; he wants all guns confiscated. It wasn't enough that Oregon put into effect a law that requires a background check for the sale of any gun in Oregon. Senate Bill 941 was put into law under an emergency clause by the Democrats and you can't legally sell your guns without the state doing a background check on the person you sell them to in Oregon. You must have permission by the state to buy a gun here in Oregon no matter who you buy it from. The state determines who can legally own a gun.

Add to that the fact that Democrats have installed a new red flag law that gives the state the power to take away our guns if they think you are a threat or might commit suicide. Oregon's Democrats have plenty of laws on the books to help keep guns out of the hands of bad people but fact is there will never be a satisfied Democrat until all guns are confiscated.

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I guess folks like Harris fear guns in the hands of their neighbors. What is it about Democrats that they fear their neighbors so much that they want their neighbors defenseless? My opinion is that Democrats are easily lead into foolish notions like man-made caused global warming and destroying the Constitution's Second Amendment. It gives them a cause and a purpose to live for. Too much free time for them.

James Farmer

Albany (Sept. 11)

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