In reply to Ken England's opinion (Mailbag, April 24):

Ken there is no doubt the Democrat's will go on and on and on with their investigation of Trump. They made a promise to resist the good things Trump is doing and, by God, it's a promise they are working hard to keep. It would be far better if they spent their time working with Trump making the country better, but it's the choice Democrats have made.

The list is long on what the Democrats should be doing like their promise to create better health care. Obamacare was such a failure and embarrassing tax that Dems should be doing everything possible to make it right. Immigration, student loans, infrastructure, opioid epidemic and much more could have been addressed in the Democrat Congress first 100 days, but they don't really care, I guess.

What they have concentrated on is overthrowing an elected POTUS, stealing guns, taxing us $100 trillion in a "green deal," getting rid of our borders and every Democrat in office running for POTUS in 2020. They sure love that free money given in campaigns for office, it spends so good. How many are running, is it over 20 now? Who is doing their job while they are all running to be POTUS?

As an independent voter I find the Democrat behavior over the last three years to be totally disgusting and a lot of it probably illegal. The investigations should be looking at the Dems now and bring the truth to light.

James Farmer

Albany (April 28)

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