Once again Democrats are solving nonexistent problems. Gov. Kate Brown signed Senate Bill 861 to provide “free” postage for vote-by-mail ballots. This effort will not improve voter turnout as Oregon already has one of the highest turnout rates. But it does point once again to the lack of basic economic understanding by Democrats.

Citizens (voters) provide the money (income and property taxes) that funds all government. Period. State government does not print money or make a profit. All government is an expense.

So, if individual citizens place a stamp on their own ballot envelope, or the government provides the postage the money is still coming from the same source - the taxpayer. The only notable difference here is that anytime government is involved in providing a service it is always more costly than you could provide the same service yourself.

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The reason our state is such a mess financially and economically is due to Democrats and this lack of basic understanding of money and economics. Join me and others by voting for different leadership in our state. You can begin by signing the recall petition to remove Kate Brown from office.

John Robinson

Albany (Aug. 3)

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