Once again, our Democratically controlled state Legislature and governor have failed its citizens. This latest failure involves providing federally mandated identification to comply with the Real ID Act.

Now remember that legislators and the governor are our elected officials who are supposed to act in our behalf to do the work necessary to keep our lives safe and government running smoothly. These politicians have had 14 years to comply, but Oregon is one of the last states to get on board.

Anybody who has ever been into a Department of Motor Vehicles office has a story of a broken system full of inefficiency. The DMV will have just three months to issue the new licenses prior to the Oct. 1, 2020 deadline. But wait, there’s more.

Democrats have been pandering to illegal immigrants in hopes of fattening their voter base. The Legislature in 2013 passed a law giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. In 2014 voters overturned the politicians and rejected the law. Now this year the Democratically controlled Legislature passed House Bill 2015, which once again gives illegal immigrants driver's licenses. This time the Legislature placed an “emergency clause” onto the bill so voters cannot overturn it.

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Apparently, the Legislature does not want to represent you; it wants to dictate to you. Legislators actually fear informed voters. So how much longer will you allow Democrats to have a stranglehold on Oregon? It’s past time for change. Ponder these issues as you wait in line at the DMV to get your Real ID. And don’t you dare complain if someone with no legal right to be in our country is ahead of you getting a driver’s license. Welcome to 2020.

John Robinson

Albany (Oct. 23)

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