So our governor has no problem calling out the State Police to round up senators for her bill that will destroy Oregon. But when people occupy the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in Portland and block traffic, burn car dealerships, take over cities, she is OK with that because it fits her agenda.

And you're barking up the wrong tree if you tell me the Republicans need to do their job; they are protecting the working class.

We have a governor who refuses to follow our laws on capital punishment, protects illegal aliens from being deported, and she herself walked out when she was in the Legislature. And our very own Sen. Gelser is concerned about some words yelled out in the heat of the battle, but is strangely quiet about the assaults of a reporter over the weekend in Portland. Why won't this paper point out the hypocrisy? Isn't there one real reporter in this paper?

Steve Nofziger

Tangent (July 2)

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