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There are arguments both for and against the Second Amendment.

But forget about that and simply ask yourself, "Do I have a right to my life, defense of my family, my home and property regardless of anything else?"

It is a right, period! You don't need a Second Amendment to know that, already.

So next ask yourself, "Do I wish to defend my home and family with a broom? A ball bat? A bow and arrow? With a call to police... did I remember to put the cell phone on charge, oh, oh, did I leave it in the other room?"

It is your choice how you do that job.

If you watch news in Portland or across the U.S. you will know home invasions do occur every day. How will that broom work out there? How sure are you of successfully defending your loved ones.

Anyone who can drive a car and has a brain can certainly learn to use a firearm safely and properly and teach their family. The confidence, safety and security gained, man or woman, old or young, is not a negative, it is a significant means to protect yourself from the bad people who would use you as victims.

We need to wake up, use our heads and quit believing biased blab on both sides.

Gary Hartman

Lebanon (Feb. 26)


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