Mailbag: Crosswalk death was preventable

Mailbag: Crosswalk death was preventable


Three people have been killed in Corvallis on Highway 99W in the last 18 months. Two of them were cyclists and one was a pedestrian. All of the deaths were on or within 100 feet of the Highway 99W crosswalk.

The most recent death occurred in the evening, in the rain, on the highway crosswalk. The crosswalk had four yellow lights for safety. Two of the lights illuminated the outside lanes and two illuminated the crosswalk island which separated the four lanes.

The two yellow lights on the outside lanes were on and blinking. The two yellow lights that illuminated the crosswalk island were not on and not blinking because they were not there. They were destroyed in a car crash last August and had not been replaced.

It is absurd that the city and ODOT could not get the two yellow lights on the crosswalk island replaced within five months. It is also absurd that the Corvallis police, in this high-traffic area, have not significantly increased and maintained a higher lever of patrolling. You should all be ashamed.

Hersh Crawford



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