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Mailbag: COVID-19 symptoms can be mislabeled

Mailbag: COVID-19 symptoms can be mislabeled


Six local writers criticized Luke Yamaguchi (Mailbag, Nov. 29) for not listing citations of a meta-analysis and randomized trial he referenced showing masks are ineffective.

Luke remedied this omission but the pro-mask hypocrites all failed to cite specific studies.

Unfortunately the Big Pharma-paid media are presenting a one-sided, scripted and misleading view of mask-wearing and other measures enacted under a pretense of necessity due to COVID-19.

Rather than allowing and broadcasting the many viable treatment options possible if our medical system was open, honest and publicly-oriented, we are erroneously told there are no medical treatments for COVID.

Addressing this problem, the savvy, experienced group the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons compiled a free guide with simple, safe home-based treatments for COVID-19 ideally designed for use with a doctor. This insightful 16-page guide explains state-of-the-art medical treatment options for COVID-19, including specific supplements, medicines, dosages, etc.

One treatment, hydroxychloroquine, is supported by a 248-page paper co-authored by Yale School of Public Health’s Epidemiology Head, Harvey A. Risch, MD, MPH, and others. It lists 11 studies showing good results and complete safety using HCQ to prevent 90% of COVID infections, plus successfully treating a high percentage of COVID cases with an early-intervention strategy involving HCQ, zinc sulfate and azithromycin.

One nationally confounding factor is apparent mislabeling of symptoms of electromagnetic radiation from increased cell phone traffic and 5G antennas as COVID-19 instead.

Chris C. Foulke



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