I know the Albany City Council and the City Manager will say CARA (the Central Albany Revitalization Agency) is completely separate from the rest of the city government and cannot help with the city's budget shortfall--even though the council and CARA board and controller of CARA's purse strings are one and the same; that's right, that's the Mayor and Albany Council.

The subject of CARA helping fund government (such as the new Albany fire and police stations) came up a couple of years ago at the special committee meetings on bond measures. The state head of urban renewal districts spoke before that committee, and she (a lawyer) said that urban renewal districts can give money to public buildings and public works. Hence, CARA (Albany's urban renewal district) reluctantly gave money toward the completion of the Albany fire and police buildings.

So, CARA: Give the city of Albany the funds it needs to balance its budget. It is simple; I mean, it could be simple if we could get past our ruling kingpins; who are Konopa and Kompany, also known as the mayor and council, also known as CARA.

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Mary Brock

Albany (Oct. 4)

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