Mailbag: Concerned about smart meters (March 8)

Mailbag: Concerned about smart meters (March 8)


I am gravely concerned about the installation of the smart meters and the numerous effects they will have on our health! They put out radiation in lethal amounts when exposed to them on a daily basis!

All we are told by the power companies is how they will cut our electric bills, and studies show that is just not so. It should be made mandatory that the power companies installing these meters should have to inform the public of the many health risks involved when these meters are in use! If you have a pacemaker, be prepared for them to malfunction when in range of said meters! They also cause sleeplessness, fatigue, dizziness and in some cases seizures! And long-time exposure can cause leukemia in small children, as well as other forms of cancer!

This just a few of the health risks! They also transmit back what appliance you are using at at what time of the day and enables the installer to control your appliances as they will be able to shut down any appliance running off these meters! They have caused numerous house fires!

I'm urging everyone to do some research before letting them be installed on their homes! You do not have to allow these meters to be installed! The more meters in use the more radiation they will admit! If you live in an apartment complex where the meters are in clusters there will be a very much higher level of radiation!

Shawna Elliott

Foster (March 8)


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