Mailbag: Climate change is not a hoax

Mailbag: Climate change is not a hoax


As a fellow Lebanon resident, I have to say that Matthew Goss' letter (“Don’t be Fooled by Climate Change Hoax,” Mailbag, Nov. 23) is another example of false facts and turning a crisis into a political football. The climate crisis is real, it’s dangerous and it is having devastating effects on our day-to-day lives. Trying to attribute the crisis to a left, socialist or progressive storyline is not productive or a sensible solution.

Some simple research of proven facts will show you that carbon dioxide in 2018 was the highest in 3 million years, which is caused by humans. Seventeen of the warmest years on the planet have occurred since 2000. The second-largest contributor to the human-caused global crises is deforestation. Trees are being cut down at a rate of 15.3 billion a year, including here in Oregon, but the real effect is being seen in the Amazon. Since 1970, 270,000 square miles of forest are now gone. This is not a left-vs.-right issue, it’s an earth issue, and we need to do everything we can to help the only planet we have heal for generations to come.

Sean Gettings



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