Mailbag: Build future for common good (Jan. 28)

Mailbag: Build future for common good (Jan. 28)


President Trump’s historic trip to Asia last November is one of the greatest diplomatic achievements by any U.S. president in recent memory. The topics discussed focused on trade, peaceful relations among the Asian nations and the possibility to diffuse the situation with North Korea.

President Trump sought fair trade relations with the Chinese, as he and President Xi Jinping have developed a mutual friendly relationship. The success of his diplomacy rewarded the United States approximately $300 billion of new Chinese investments in states like West Virginia, Alaska, and others bringing needed jobs and hope to those states.

Dialogue with the Chinese and Russians is necessary to pursue peace in Asia and throughout the world. Fixing the $800 billion trade imbalance with China is critical for the U.S. economy, especially as we rebuild after hurricanes, fires and floods have devastated large parts of America, including Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

It’s time we, the United States, relinquish geopolitical confrontationalism and rebuild our nation.

Therefore, I support LaRouche’s Four Laws: 1. Re-instate Glass-Steagall; 2: Establish a National Development Bank; 3. Issue $10 trillion federal credit directed to create modern infrastructure; and, 4: Replace the war machine with a commitment to peaceful space exploration and fusion power development.

Let’s build a future for the common good of our posterity!

Kevin Morgus

Albany (Jan. 28)


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