Senate Bill 577, recently signed by Gov. Kate Brown, amends ORS 166.155 “Intimidation in the second degree,” by adding a new term: “Gender identity.”

“Gender identity” is defined in SB 577 as “an individual’s gender-related identity, appearance, expression or behavior, regardless of whether the identity, appearance, expression or behavior differs from that associated with the gender assigned to the individual at birth.”

Yes, you read that correctly, “regardless of … the gender assigned to the individual at birth.” Notice the language change: “gender” is substituted for “sex,” i. e., male or female. Forget biology, medical science, genetics; none of that matters. “Gender identity” becomes a person's subjective matter of choice to be redefined at any point in time. Furthermore, the state of Oregon now demands that you respond to a person's sex as whatever that person wishes, regardless of the facts. To do otherwise is a punishable crime, a crime of “intimidation.”

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This will not end well. Replacing "male” or “female” by I-can-be-whatever-I-want-to-be ushers in sexual confusion, sexual perversion and destroys the foundation of a society, the family. Truth must prevail. Exalting self as the only authority or perceiving reality as you wish it to be, is a form of insanity, and when the state supports insanity, those who lead must be replaced.

Philip Rice

Halsey (Aug. 17)

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