Our state Democratic leaders never fail to disappoint me. House Bill 2015 has just passed allowing illegal aliens to "legally" obtain driver's licenses. The excuses for passage of this bill offered by the Democrats are the usual rhetoric; the hardship endured by illegals to get children to school (which I'm certain the Oregon taxpayer is paying for), to get groceries, baby formula, and diapers (food stamps), etc. The Democrats add the additional spin to this nonsense that people other than illegals will benefit by this bill, though they fail to elaborate how.

And shame on Rep. Cheri Helt for voting in favor of this bill. Her justification for her vote is illegals need a pathway to citizenship. Well, Rep. Helt, there is a pathway to citizenship. You and the Democrats just don't like it.

And now for the slight of hand; the bill conveniently contains an emergency clause which precludes it from being passed onto the voter as an initiative for voter approval. Does anybody else see the irony in this bill? The Democrats want to legalize illegal aliens by issuing them driver's licenses. Soon their agenda will allow illegals to vote as well as extend other privileges ordinarily reserved for citizens. It's obvious this bill is pandering to illegals for future Democratic votes. The incentive to obtain citizenship is lost. My only hope is by gargling with toilet water I can wash the bad taste of this travesty out of my mouth.

Larry Ciaffoni

Albany (June 19)

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