A male dispatcher for Linn County (they handle dispatch for the Albany Fire Department) told me recently that backyard recreational fires can be huge; any size is allowed. I found out from a female Fire Department employee that this is not true. Recreational fires are warming fires only and are to be no more than 2 feet across and with no more than 1 or 2 foot-high flames. They are not to be of "bonfire" size with sparks shooting in the air as high as a 1-1/2 story house. Warming (or recreational) fires are not allowed to endanger neighbors' property.

Thank God for women! The female fire department employee told me next time to tell the dispatcher that the fire is larger than allowed and to have the Fire Department send someone out to look at the fire and talk to the neighbor who has the fire on his property.

Will do.

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Mary Brock

Albany (Aug. 27)

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