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Hey everyone! Did you know that it’s Preparedness Awareness Month?

Are you prepared for any situation that causes widespread damage to the extent that local and state governments are paralyzed? What’s that? You do  have a pantry full of freeze dried meals, canned produce and at least two weeks worth of water for everyone in your household? Well that’s great! Good for you.

But what about your neighbor? What about their neighbor? What about the person down the street who is living paycheck to paycheck and can not afford a rain barrel, much less a Mountain House Essential box (retail price, about $100, feeds one person for three days)? Are you going to share your MREs with a group of adults that have Down syndrome? God forbid, are you even willing to kill another human being in defense of someone like a senior citizen?

There is a toxic element in the Prepping Community that is all about bunkering down after the disaster and letting the world fall apart so that at some point they can be their own warlords and have their own fiefdoms.

Being apart of a community means helping, not just those around you, but making things better for a stranger on the other end of town that you will never meet. It means doing what you can to stabilize some kind of fuctioning government so that soceity can live on.

There is no point in surviving a disaster if we let the Wasteland spread.

Greg Ranzoni

Albany (Sept. 11)

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