Good to hear that over the next two weeks we will be having a conversation about suicide in Oregon. Can we please make sure the conversation is robust and complete? While the suicide statistics are sobering, so are other statistics in Oregon.

Oregon was second in the nation to implement doctor-assisted suicide under the guise of death with dignity. Since 1997, 1,275 people have died via doctor assisted suicide. This act promotes suicide and makes it socially acceptable. Is it any wonder why Oregon’s suicide rate is 41% higher than the national average?

There is currently a bill in the legislature, HB 2232, which would essentially loosen the existing definitions of doctor-assisted suicide and the result would be an increase in the number of doctor-assisted suicides.

Then there is abortion to also consider. Over the last decade there have been an average of 9,800 abortions each year in Oregon. Yet another message that de-values human life.

Another bill in the legislature, SB1013 would essentially abolish the death penalty by redefining aggravated murder. Currently, 33 people are awaiting execution on death row, but Oregon’s Democrat governors refuse to enforce the current law. Clearly those convicted of aggravated murder deserve to die, and Oregon voters agree.

I am baffled that the same people who support abortion and doctor assisted suicide oppose killing murderers on death row.

I would submit that some people in Oregon have a backward view of the value of human life. If we want to do something meaningful to eliminate suicide, how about we start by valuing and celebrating every human life including those murdered?

John Robinson

Albany (April 8)

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