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I believe Australia’s National Firearms Agreement of 1996 is a good model for the United States to follow in reducing gun violence and instituting sensible gun control.

This agreement provides for a temporary firearm buyback program for firearms that were once legal, but are now made illegal; created a national firearm registry; a 28-day waiting period for firearm sales and tightened firearm licensing rules prohibiting private sales. Owners must be at least 18 years of age, have secure storage for their firearms and provide a “genuine reason” for gun ownership which does not include self-defense.

In addition we need to vastly strengthen our background check program. We need to ban private ownership of semi-automatic and other types of high-powered assault weapons, limiting these to only law enforcement and military uses.

I believe the phrase “right to bear arms” is similar to our right to drive a motor vehicle. For a society to function rationally, such "rights" must be regulated for the greatest good, as highway laws are. The "right to bear arms" does not include the right to endanger our nation’s children.

Nancy Powell