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Trump's administration is rolling back EPA rules as fast as they can, putting rivers and atmosphere and oceans in even more danger. The rich got a big tax cut, so there isn't enough government money to cover programs that help this earth and its animals, including people. So there will also be an assault by Republicans on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security soon — I should say a continuing assault.

And, not having emission regulations that amount to a hill of beans will save the auto makers billions of dollars, and those fat cats (auto executives) will contribute money to Trump and his followers, as usual.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, the World Wildlife Fund has found that the wildlife of this planet has declined by 60 per cent over 40 years. That is 60 percent less wildlife than in 1978!

Either vote Trump and his ilk out of office (2020 campaign officially started Nov. 7th; Trump actually started his 2020 politicking the day after he was inaugurated in 2017), or quit having kids that will die before they are old due to this planet not being able to sustain life.

Mary Brock

Albany (Nov. 9)

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