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The Israel Lobby has gotten unconstitutional laws passed with no publicity, adding obscure amendments to existing law, as in the case of the DC Palestinian Mission.

Why on earth would Congress amend a 1980s law in order to specifically prohibit Palestinians from speaking against Israel to the International Criminal Court?

The only reason is that the Israeli government knew President Abbas would go to the ICC and Israel would eventually be found guilty of apartheid. So Israel’s puppets in AIPAC wrote this anti-American, anti-free-speech amendment, which of course the obedient Congress passed.

This law benefits only Israel. It's unconstitutional — we have the inalienable right to criticize any government anywhere! We're not in George III’s England!

It's laughable that the State Department wants Palestinians to engage in "direct and meaningful negotiations" and sends — not unbiased negotiators — but two Israel-promoting Jews, Kushner and Greenblatt. There’s no chance of an impartial negotiation with those two "helping"; Palestinians will once again get shafted.

It gets worse.

Israeli lobbyists recently passed a federal bill that prohibits any boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, imposing imprisonment and fines! Post-hurricane contractors in Texas and a teacher in Kansas couldn’t get government contracts unless they signed an agreement against boycotting Israel!

The exact wording: "By executing this Agreement, the Applicant verifies that the Applicant: 1) does not boycott Israel; and 2) will not boycott Israel during the term of this Agreement."

This is outrageous! It’s a blatant violation of our First Amendment rights. Protest to your legislators!

June Forsyth Kenagy

Albany (Nov. 19)

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