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If you live south of West 11th or in South Albany (the east side of Pacific Boulevard) and need the police, call the Linn County Sheriff. Albany's police are busy downtown trying to jail anyone who doesn't belong to the landed gentry! Thank you, Dick Olsen, for voting against the new Enhanced Law Enforcement Area. Glad to know someone at City Hall has common sense.

I think the arrest of anyone who has three convictions in three months (and this can be the breaking of city codes, such as being homeless!) is prohibited by the U.S. Constitution.

Next we will hear that "Konopa and Kouncil" want to build a Trumpian wall around their precious downtown. Or, maybe we can all wear white hats or black hats, reminiscent of the 1940s western movies, so the police can easily spot whom to arrest. (Even the hats were racist then, and we are harkening back to that!)

Mary Brock



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