Attorney General William Barr did not deserve the abuse, slander and disrespect he received at the Senate hearing. AG Barr is doing his job. The Democrats should have been reprimanded for their behavior and abusive language. They were appalling and shameful.

Professionals do not act in that manner or treat people with such hate. If this is how our government works, we need a revolution for a new system that has more respect and less arrogance. The Democrats will only continue to attack anyone who gets in their way and until they get the answer they want for their agenda.

The Democrats didn't like the outcome of the Mueller report? They didn't get their guilty verdict and now they are debasing Barr. Now they want to impeach Barr and they call him a liar? Grow up, live with the outcome and stop sabotaging our country.

Get something done (do your job) and stop crying when you don't get your way.

Dennis Macrina

Albany (May 3)

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