George Delair's response to Mitch Sheel's concern about making a million species of life go extinct in the next several years is sad.

Delair doesn't seem to realize that there is a major difference between a million species evolving or being replaced by other species over 65 million years and over just a few decades or a century. He needs to look at the fact that 65 million years ago, the planet had a major extinction event that took hundreds of thousands, if not millions. of years to rebalance the ecosystems on the planet, to make them stable again. This is the scale of time needed. It's not nearly as quick as remodeling a house.

Scientists saw the current weather upheavals coming since at least the early 1980s, but were mostly ignored. Why are so many politicians and paid "experts" working so hard to discredit these scientists now? "Follow the profits!" The energy companies, and their big investors, don't want to have to take responsibility for the results of their actions and suppression of research. They would lose their livelihoods, face huge fines and possibly jail time for their actions. They are riding a tiger and don't seem to have enough guts to stop and try to help fix what they have damaged.

As for the United Nations being a "hack" organization, the U.N. and Interpol had investigated the charges of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and found them to be untrue. Ignorance is damaging, not bliss!

Rick Siegert

Lebanon (June 3)

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