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Mailbag: A privileged group desires control

Mailbag: A privileged group desires control

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If you read two books describing the U.S. War of Independence, “1776” by Robert McCullough and “Saratoga” by Richard Ketchum, and compare the present direction progressives want, you will see the corruption of the ideals that made our country — the corruption of hopes our forefathers gave us.   

You will see this country began from unbelievable courage and conviction, and how important freedom was, and why it must never be given up!

A friend said it best on the Fourth of July: Imagine those "who moved to this land to escape the tyranny of an arbitrary and oppressive government. Freedom must have been hugely important to them, to leave a homeland with only those items that would fit in a trunk, hop on a wooden sailing vessel and leave a known life behind. Unfortunately, tyranny followed, but freedom from oppression was so important to them, they fought against impossible odds to retain their freedom. Today is a day to remember the hell they must have gone through to gain independence.”  

Today we have one group of Americans who simply want to determine their own lives, not interfere with others. They simply want FREEDOM.  

But a privileged group thinks they should control others, what housing they can live in, what cars they can drive, whether they have firearms, what schools teach children. Their desire is CONTROL.

It is time to remember again why our forefathers came here, what FREEDOM means and how important it is!

Gary Hartman




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